Well I’ve only been Doing this for about a month now. It is very hard to get up and running.

As I’ve told you before I am a homeschool mom of multiples, and I also blog and have a VA business.

I sure wish someone would have been there to hold my hand and offer advise.

I have researched so many articles, read other’s blogs, watched you tube videos, at the end of all that all I was, was more confused and overwhelmed!

I decided that I will take a few tips and tricks from here and there and hit the ground running.

Well it feels like I’m running thru quick sand right now lol. The first thing was to pick a niche, well I love so many different things, that I still haven’t chosen just one!

And honestly I don’t think you have to. As long as your passionate about what you write, who cares if one day it’s homeschool and next it’s dealing with mom issues.

The first thing I did was grab a site, I used and I absolutely love it! I have never done anything like this before and was a little scared, I’ll admit. But once I got going it went pretty good.

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I used host gator to host my site.

Now I’m sure for some that have some computer knowledge it would b much quicker for them, but it took my over a week to get it the way I wanted it. Between looking through all the bazillions of themes they have, ugh. And uploading pics.

I would find one I liked and would live preview it, but then I was like yuck I don’t like the color or placement of the menu bar, etc. You might be able to change that on some but I couldn’t figure it out.

So here I am in between Pre-Algebra questions, English and Science questions, and the toddler painting on the wall, I’m trying to build my business so I can stay home and continue all this fun were having.

I have posted some posts, but they didn’t thrill me and I knew they wouldn’t you either. So I decided to just get down and dirty with my life, I was gonna let you guys in and see the not so pretty side.

I decided I was going to become an affiliate.

Sounds easy right? Ha! Don’t fall for the hype, o you just post your link and the money rolls in, if that were the case I would not be hauling my own laundry to the laundromat,  we would have our own house with a washer and dryer.

Being an affiliate is hard work! I went out and got as many as I could, thinking the more I am an affiliate too, the more money, woohooo let’s do this!

WRONG! Now I have over 1000, companies that want me to advertise for them, lol. Bad move on my part, but live and learn they say.

I don’t think having many companies is totally bad as long as you rotate them and give them all some good attention. That’s what I will do, I will rotate them every week. And if they get butt hurt Cuz there not on this week, well I’m sorry, I’m doing what I can.

I don’t have a plethora of employees that can do all this posting for me, it’s just me, mom , the one with an already full plate.

I am a member of,, and those are my 3 fav ones.

O, another thing, don’t get sucked into all that social media hype. You don’t need to go out and sign up for everything under the sun! ( I did) and no offense I only focus on a few, there is just not enuf hours in the day to keep up with them all, and still give my kids the attention they deserve and need. After all they are why I’m trying to work from home!
Now that Christmas break is almost over, I will have to add planning back on my plate to get there assignments ready.

We have changed curriculum again, with multiples it’s impossible at least for mine, to get one curriculum. They all learn different, and being on a budget makes it worse.

I asked for advise from another homeschool mom about how they afford 1500 bucks a year and she told me to save each paycheck. Well that’s great when you have an income coming in, but I am a single mom that rarely gets child support, and lost my job back in Sept due to medical reasons. So idk where the money tree is but if anyone knows plz let me know!

I literally have nothing to set back, we have cell phones, that is our only luxury, we do not have cable, Internet, fancy clothes (we frequent walmart!, love that place) and our home school books are all hand me downs. And you know what, we’re ok! My kids are not in need of anything. They may want stuff, but they have what they need.

So if you think you can’t homeschool, or start your business, think again! You can do this! Anyone who says you can’t needs to b put out of your way, Cuz your moving up!

Well I think I have rambled long enough for today. I still have not figured out how to add a subscribe button, but if you would to join me on my journey thru this crazy life, than shoot me an email, I will be happy to have you along for the ride!.
Have a great day! 🙂

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