Confessions of a stay at home mom

Every day is an adventure in our home. Some days are obviously better than others.

Today is one of those trying days. I have one child that is bi-polar, another that has adhd, and I myself have both.

Everyone is on edge and grumpy. Today we are working on pre-algebra, multiplication, and predicates. Needless to say it is not going well.

The toddler refused her nap and she’s in a unicorn farting rainbows kinda mood 🙁

My 5th grader is picking every word in the sentence that isn’t a predicate,  my 3rd grader (adhd) is bouncing off the walls and not sitting to do his work, and my 9th grader (bi-polar) is struggling to understand why some fool put letters in math.

I have to admit that I don’t understand why there are letters in math either! I myself have never in my life ever needed to figure out what x+y=z is. Yes I agree they need addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. I also agree they need to know fractions for cooking and such.

I have went to college so I am not uneducated and have still not used that crap.

We have to use wolfram alpha, and photo math and some other Internet sources to help me figure out how to explain it to her.

People wonder why kids drop out so much. A lot of times its because they don’t try and help themselves. But other times they give up because they are so frustrated and noone will help them. But everyone learns different and people get things that others don’t get. Some people math is second nature and I admire them for that.

But for others like myself and my daughter math is hard.

Currently we are working with a counselor for my son and there idea of trying to help him without meds is give him caffeine to calm him down.

Ok that’s fine and good, I would prefer not to medicate unless necessary, but caffeine? Really.

To me they are just trying to pacify me. I hardly ever have pop in the house and he is over weight already, so let’s add sugar , I think NO. There has to b a better alternative to helping him than that.

I’m open to any suggestions to help him concentrate better. I have been researching a lot and they recommend meds. If it comes to that then I will, but I am actively seeking other options.

If anyone has any resources I can check out I would really appreciate it.

That’s all for today, tomorrow will be better!