Coupons and cooking

Anyone who has ever shopped for anything has heard of coupons!

There was a time that I tried that extreme coupon craze, and we saved and clipped and hit all the recycle bins and got more coupons, and holy crap that was way to much for me!

The amount of time it took to sort and cut and look thru when it was time for shopping, ya that ain’t gonna happen! I did send all my several thousand coupons that I had clipped, that I was never gonna use to the military families over seas. There are many programs that help with that. They can even use the expired ones over there.

Well having the kids I have makes every shopping experience a challenge. They are never all hungry for the same thing at the same time. ugh. Well I decided that if I was gonna make our budget last that I was going to have to do some sort of couponing.

Well I am doing more of a simple plan, I have a safeway and family dollar reward card. Those are the only two big name stores near me. So each week I get on my phone and clip all the ones I will use. Safeway has a lot of 10 for 10 sales. and those are my favorite! 🙂

Also I have signed up for Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Table Spoon. I get $250 bucks a year in coupons from them, delivered right to my email address! I print out the ones I need.

I usually give each child a few things to go and grab while I grab other stuff. This shortens the amount of time we’re in there so my toddler doesn’t get upset and fussy.

I grew up on a ranch and my grandma always cooked a lot! Well that is one of many great traits I got from her. I make very large meals so we have leftovers. Some things taste even better the next day.

Some moms pre plan and even pre package the meals. I found that doesn’t work with my family as if Monday I plan on goulash for Friday, well Friday comes around one some of us are not in the mood for that lol. Instead we make tacos.

I always try to make cooking a family thing. Each child has a job. One washes the veggies, one cooks the hamburger, I or my 14 yr old does all the cutting. Even the toddler has a job of throwing the empty cans away and etc.

After everything is good we share in the setting of the table as well. I want the kids to grow up knowing that it just isn’t mom or dads job to cook and clean. If everyone chips in then it runs smoothly.

We have our occasional melt downs like any other family. If one child is throwing a temper tantrum about helping then when they get hit in the head with a piece of broccoli or a green bean, that tends to make them smile and snap out of it quick. We usually end up in a small food fight but everyone knows that what they throw they have to pick up, so it never gets crazy. Lol

So instead of preplanning that much I just figure out what meat I need for the week and go from there. You can do a lot of things with meat! We also have some deer, elk, and some times even pheasant.

Every family has there own way of doing things and this is the way that I found works for mine. I have picky eaters so trying new things is a challenge at times. But as long as they don’t know what is in it until after they love it, I can sneak new stuff in.

They thought of deer as gross and we were eating bambi’s mom. Well I got some deer meat from my oldest son, and cooked it up without them knowing and now they ask for deer!

No matter how you save, plan, and prepare your meals for your family, the only thing is that you do it with love because that is the best ingredient!

I am currently putting together some of my favorite recipes and if you would like a copy please let me know.